Court eFiling REST APIs V7 for Texas, Illinois, Indiana, California, Maryland and Florida

1. Where can I find list of APIs?

You can request APIs hosted on postman by emailing

2. How do I start?

Request client token (your_client_token) by emailing

3. How to authenticate and get access token?

Register for an eFiling account at US Legal PRO and call the following
End point:{{state}}/user/authenticate <- Replace {{state}} with tx, il, ca, in, md and fl
	Method: POST
	Header: { clienttoken: your_client_token }
	    "data": {
	        "username": "{efiling_account_email}",
	        "password": "{password}"

4. How to search for a case?

Call the following
End point:{{state}}/search_case?jurisdiction={{location_code}}&case_number={{case_number}} <- Replace {{state}} with tx, il, ca, in or md and replace {{location_code}} from step #1 and case_number with your case number
	Method: GET
	Header: { authtoken: your_client_token }

5. How to eFile?

Build JSON payload and file. Here you can find example JSON payload.
End point:{{state}}/efile  <- Replace {state} with tx, il, ca, in, md or fl
	Method: POST
	Header: { authtoken: from_authenticate_api }

6. What if I am stuck and/or need help with the development

We provide FREE development support with court eFiling integration. Contact us at